The pool fencing system PAPLOUF® is composed with mesh fabric elements linked together with assembling tubes insuring the fence rigidity and aluminium posts fixed on platinum stood to each border ends which tighten the fabric (flexible mesh) thanks to a crank and a winch.

The system originality is based on a quick and easy first and further implementation.

The PAPLOUF® system is composed with KITS which permit to adapt the fence to each situation.


The colour of mesh is white.

The elements of flexible mesh are assemblied with High Frequency welding process.

The mesh dimension has a transparent design in order to overview inside the pool area.

Only the tightness posts have to be fixed on the ground. Distance between 2 posts is 10 meters.
(no holes to be done each meter in the ground)

Kit A :
Elementary module

It is composed with a high resistance polyester mesh fabric, coated with white PVC and an assembling tube.

The mesh fabric is 1.15 meter long and each element is equipped with a kador at the extremity in order to be linked to the assembling and/or corner post.

Kit B :
Tightness and corner post

Composed with a post fixed on a platinum, a winch, a crank, an enrolling tube and a mesh fabric element (1.15 meter).

The crank permits to apply a tension on the mesh fabric and to roll up the mesh surplus.

Height : 1.20 meter

Length : length adjust is making by adding mesh fabric elements (KIT A).
No length constraint, mesh fabric surplus can easily be rolled up inside the tightness post.
In order to avoid useless winch rotations, an adapted mesh lenght can be provided.

Post and assembling tube in white gloss finish aluminium.

High resistance polyester mesh fabric (3.3 x 3.3 mm), coated with white PVC, washable and UV resist.

Kit C manual:
Manual gate

Composed with a mesh fabric door (0.85 meter) with a tightened tube and a post fixed on a platinum.
The higher open plate allows a safety manual closing : pin blocking and sliding ring.

 The PAPLOUF® system is entirely adjustable thanks to the 3 possible start points on each post.

Delivered with a 1.15 meter mesh fabric element.

For a length more than 10 meters overall, it is necessary to add another tightness post.

 Options :

  • Corner post.
  • Intermediate post fixed on platinum.
  • Complementary corner post profile.



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