Application : Usage privatif individuel et collectif

It is recommended to place the PAPLOUF® fencing system at 1 meter (minimum) from the pool.

For individual private pool, it is recommended not to place the fencing system too far away from the pool in order to avoid efficiency loss.

When the fencing system is combined with one or several walls, ensure those walls should not permit, because of their height or own opening systems (doors and windows closed with a childproof device), an access to the pool.

The assembling tube placed every 1.15 metre enforce the fence and avoid any climbing or injury risks.

The eyelet at the root of the mesh fabric and the elastic wire-strainer as well as the tension on the mesh do not allow children to slip through the fence.

As the mesh fabric elements and assembling tubes are not fixed on the ground, there will be no obstacles around the pool in case of an occasional dismantling of the fencing system.

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